Galician Beef: The Best Beef in the World?

The Butchers Club's Secret Kitchen is proud to introduce dry-aged Galician Blond Beef from Spain to their private dining menu. What exactly is this special beef we're bringing in exclusively and for a limited time? To put it simply: It's meat from a fat old cow and it's said to be the best beef in the world. 

30th August 2016 - Hong Kong

Last Chance for $25 Beers at The Butchers Club Burger!


Until January 31st at all four of The Butchers Club Burgers in Hong Kong, Monday to Friday from 3-8pm is Happy Hour! Guests can enjoy unlimited $25 Peroni beers. 

23rd August 2016 - TBCB   Past Events   Hong Kong

Let The Butchers Club Cater Your Next BBQ

As the rest of the Northern Hemisphere waves goodbye to summer, us Hongkongers finally prepare for the city's glorious weather. Bring on outdoor activities, drinks in the sunshine and barbecues! And just in time, The Butchers Club introduces a brand new BBQ Package with three delicious menu options to suit any budget. 

23rd August 2016 - Hong Kong

The Butchers Club Burger Meets Dai Pai Dong Street in Central

The Butchers Club Burger relocates to a new spot in Central, just around the corner on the notorious Dai Pai Dong alley under the Mid-Levels Escalator.

12th August 2016 - TBCB   Hong Kong

A Texas BBQ Brisket Takeover

28 July will see The Butchers Club Burger’s 17th Burger Takeover with American Chef Jay McCarthy. True to his southern roots, Chef McCarthy will be presenting a special Texas BBQ Brisket Sandwich (HK$100) for the takeover: A classic BBQ brisket sandwich, hickory-smoked for 17 hours on consistent heat with thinly sliced pickles, tobacco onions and chipotle slaw. 

19th July 2016 - TBCB   Past Events   Hong Kong

The Butchers Club Burger Beefs Up Lunch

Now at The Butchers Club Burger, hungry diners can get both The Burger (the original bad boy that got a neat Michelin mention!) and our new triple-cooked fries for only HK$100, every Monday to Friday, from 11am-2pm. 

14th July 2016 - TBCB   Hong Kong

The Original Butchers Club: Introducing an All-New Menu Featuring The Big Beef Experience

When was the last time you rounded up the entire crew to enjoy a hearty meal together? The more the merrier, right? And this is especially true for The Butchers Club’s original initiative at its Secret Kitchen located in Tin Wan, Aberdeen.

1st July 2016 - Hong Kong

The Butchers Club Burger Central is Moving


The Butchers Club Burger on Wellington Street is on the move! We're excited to announce that we're moving the second Michelin-mentioned and award-winning burger location to a new spot (just around the corner) at 82 Stanley Street. We're thrilled about being nestled in amongst the Dai Pai Dongs and rubbing elbows with the Cha Chaan Tengs on our end of Stanley Street. More info to come but in the meantime start following us via #ButchersClubStanleySt. See y'all in August for the reopening party!

29th June 2016 - TBCB   Hong Kong