The Butchers Club launched in April 2013 at Tin Wan, Aberdeen as a butcher’s shop, a private dining room and a space for cooking classes. A masterpiece of a group of passionate chefs and butchers who together have created a truly unique concept based around high quality dry-aged beef have since received numerous awards, been named “Best Steak” and “Best Burger” by both local and international publications and bloggers and, for five years running, received a mention in the Michelin Guide.

Our beef is sourced from a farm that we have partnered with in New South Wales, Australia that specifically rears the cows to our specifications for use in our venues, resulting in very different flavour profiles. The Butchers Club then dry-ages each cut of beef at their own facility on Hong Kong Island for different time periods to highlight the unique flavours of each steak.

Now, along with The Butchers Club Taikoo location in Hong Kong, an event space, public cooking classes, numerous seasonal public events and an online butchery.