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Butchers Club joins Glass Recycling Initiative

The Butchers Club  is  pleased to become part of the glass recycling program, “Green Glass Green” which is an initiative started by The Hong Kong Dumper Truck Drivers Association and funded by the Hong Kong Government’s Environment and Conservation Fund.

-          About 100,000 tonnes of glass containers are disposed of in HK  landfills every year. This significant amount of wastage create a high pressure to our landfill space and is also a waste of valuable natural resource.

-          By simply separating the wine or beer glass from other wastage, we  can return them to  Green Glass Green who in turn deliver them to local eco-brick factory for recycling.  Here they are turned into glass sand, which substitutes natural river sand as an engineering material for the production of paving blocks. Such eco-paving blocks have been used in various public works projects of the Civil Engineering and Development Department, the Hong Kong Housing Authority, the EPD etc.

-          This routine can easily become a good practice for all of our staff, we target to incorporate this procedure to all outlets by end of this year.



In Other News


Hair of The Dog

Starting Feb 1 in all stores, The Hair of The Dog is a burger to Celebrate Chiense New Year and helps to fend off a hangover.

A 160 gram pork patty, topped with bacon, black pudding, fried egg, cheese and hollandaise sauce, sandwiched between two French Toast buns and drizzeled with maple syrup.  To 'take the edge off'  The Hair of The Dog is served with a complimentary glass of Michelada (Beer version of The Blood Mary)  Enjoy!




26th January 2018 - TBCB   Hong Kong

The Butchers Club Burger Listed in The Michelin Guide

That makes it 3 years in a row for The Butchers Club Burger and The Michelin Guide.

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