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Summer Private Dinner at The Secret Kitchen

The Butchers Club Chefs have come up with 3 exciting private dining menus for this summer...

Our simple yet delicious Steak Frites menu is an old classic, and is priced at HK$ 700 per person.  The Steak and Moules menu incorporates interactive pots of steaming black mussels cooked tableside plus our famous dry-aged beef experience at HK$ 850 per person. To top it all the Steak and Lobster menu is exquisite and comes in at HK$ 950 per person and includes dry-aged steak and Boston lobster. We do have a minimum number of 10 people for a private dining experience at The Secret Kitchen so gather up your friends or colleagues and join us this summer for a one-of-a-kind dinner. Contact

Steak Frites

 Steak and Lobster

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This is our premium range of beef from Australia, the Black Angus cattle is Grain finished for 250+ days which gives the beef its amazing marbling. Many top chefs swear by Black Onyx and it is listed on top tables around the world. This Marble score 3-4 Black Angus beef is an amazing steak, The Butchers Club take it a step further and dry age it to make it even better, we think the best in Hong Kong!

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20th September 2017 - The Secret Kitchen   Hong Kong

How to cook a perfect Medium Rare Bone in Ribeye in a pan

Learn how to cook a medium rare, dry aged on the bone ribeye in a pan with fresh Thyme, Butter and Garlic.  This steak is perfect to share with a loved one and is a great introduction to dry aged beef. 

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18th September 2017 - The Secret Kitchen   Hong Kong