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Summer Private Dinner at The Secret Kitchen

The Butchers Club Chefs have come up with 3 exciting private dining menus for this summer...

Our simple yet delicious Steak Frites menu is an old classic, and is priced at HK$ 700 per person.  The Steak and Moules menu incorporates interactive pots of steaming black mussels cooked tableside plus our famous dry-aged beef experience at HK$ 850 per person. To top it all the Steak and Lobster menu is exquisite and comes in at HK$ 950 per person and includes dry-aged steak and Boston lobster. We do have a minimum number of 10 people for a private dining experience at The Secret Kitchen so gather up your friends or colleagues and join us this summer for a one-of-a-kind dinner. Contact

Steak Frites

 Steak and Lobster

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In Other News


Hair of The Dog

Starting Feb 1 in all stores, The Hair of The Dog is a burger to Celebrate Chiense New Year and helps to fend off a hangover.

A 160 gram pork patty, topped with bacon, black pudding, fried egg, cheese and hollandaise sauce, sandwiched between two French Toast buns and drizzeled with maple syrup.  To 'take the edge off'  The Hair of The Dog is served with a complimentary glass of Michelada (Beer version of The Blood Mary)  Enjoy!




26th January 2018 - TBCB   Hong Kong

The Butchers Club Burger Listed in The Michelin Guide

That makes it 3 years in a row for The Butchers Club Burger and The Michelin Guide.

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1st December 2017 - TBCB   Hong Kong