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The Easter Scotch Egg

The Easter-inspired Scotch ‘Easter’ Egg Burger (HK$100) features a soft-boiled organic egg encased in rich Irish pork sausage and golden panko crumbs.

Cooked to perfection, the gooey centre plays to the current #yolkporn Instagram trend whilst celebrating the humble Easter egg in The Butchers Club Burger’s signature tongue-in-cheek fashion. A moreish bacon and red onion jam accentuates the burger’s bold flavors, whilst crisp iceberg lettuce adds an element of freshness and crunch. The Scotch Easter Egg Burger is served in a buttery toasted brioche bun.

Easter Scotch Egg

The impressive The Scotch ‘Easter’ Egg Burger is available from 26 March – 6 April at all The Butchers Club Burger stores.


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