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What is a Shortloin and What Steaks come from it?

The beef short loin is all about bone in steaks. If you have a favorite steak, chances are good that it comes from the short loin. Otherwise, we're talking about strip loin steaks - sometimes called New York strip, T-bone steaks, and porterhouse steaks. 

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Short Loin Steaks: Club Steak, T-Bone, and Porterhouse

The main muscle of the short loin is the longissimus dorsi, which is the same muscle that constitutes the ribeye part of the rib primal cut. It actually runs from the chuck section all the way back into the sirloin. So every steak from the short loin will feature the longissimus muscle, which we can refer to as the sirloin.

The short loin itself is usually 16 to 18 inches long and weighs in at 9-12 kg, and it will yield anywhere from 9 to 12  bone in steaks, depending on how thickly they're cut. The ideal thickness is 1 1/2 inches, which will weigh in at around 1kg and is enough for 2 people. Having a thick cut on the bone steak allows the chef to control the cooking by getting a nice crust/char on the outside without overcooking the center. It is also important to remember that each cut has a piece of bone incorporated into it, this bone adds flavor and moisture during the cooking process.

With that said, a typical short loin will yield the following:

3  - 4 pieces of 1.5 inch Porterhouse Steak @ 1kg each The Porterhouse is the premium cut from the shortloin as it contains a large chunk of very desirable tenderloin as well as sirloin.

3 pieces of  1.5 inch T-Bone Steaks @ 1kg each. The T-Bone is the second most desirable, and has a smaller quantity of tenderloin and the same amount of sirloin.

3-4 pieces of 1.5 inch Club Steaks @ 1kg each. The Club Steak is basically a on the bone sirloin and does not have any tenderloin attached

Tips on How to Cook a Bone in Steak
Use the same method as cooking a regular steak , however triple the cooking time as this is a much bigger piece of meat and also double the resting time to at least 10 minutes. If you are going to take an internal temperature using the ‘pin method’ make sure you test at the thickest point by the bone. Remember that the bone will continue to radiate heat and cook the steak after it has been taken out of the pan.

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