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"An enjoyable, high-energy hit of dystopian underworld." LONDONIST 

“You can guarantee your night will be awesome.” COSMOPOLITAN UK

“One of the best shows in Hong Kong.”  HONG KONG EXPAT 

 “Amazing again! It’s a must try. Very unique.” HONG KONG MADAME                              


Are you a lover, or are you a fighter?

Back for another round of immersive storytelling - this time hosted from a secret warehouse location – the Secret Theatre Project team are gearing up for the launch of their latest adventure; 'Project Mayhem'. Combining site-specific set design with roaming characters, this creative collective are known for their unique brand of experiential theatre, selling out shows in London, Hong Kong, New York and more.

Our next offering will see an interactive adaptation of one of modern history's most twisted tales of fraternity, violence and all-out psychological warfare. Project Mayhem will completely engulf its guests as part of the set and story, encouraging them along the way to interact with the characters and carefully-created surroundings.

 This year Secret Theatre add Hong Kong's first ever immersive dining experience – “Dinner & Show” ticket.

This exclusive experience is for a limited troop of Space Monkeys and is your chance to dive deeper into the dystopian world, enjoying a Project Mayhem themed 3 course dinner catered by The Butchers Club with a bottle of wine by Wine Brothers.

The exact location, instructions and password for the event are sent to you on purchase of ticket. So what you waiting for?

Buy the Ticket, take the Ride!

 Opens 3rd November and running until December 10th.

 Shows sell out fast, so move quick!

Ticket link - $850 Early Bird Price. Dinner plus show $1600

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 “To be fully prepared for Project Mayhem, one must embrace the Project Mayhem diet. This may be the last meal you have.
So enjoy it”  T.Durden


 In preparation for the Arson Committee…

 Steaming pots of Australian Black Mussels

in a sauce made from: Chablis, Butter, Cream, Purple Garlic and Lots of Fresh Herbs

 Cooked and served tableside with  freshly baked pull-apart Bread basted with

Beef drippings

 In preparation for the assault committee…

The Big Beef Experience

45-day Dry-aged to perfection

Certified Australian Black Angus Ribeye from Argyle Beef  Thick cut Ribeye Steaks with signature dry-aged rub, grilled on a high heat to perfect medium rare and carved tableside

 Served with Big Table Bowls of

Organic Garden Leaves with Balsamic Vinaigrette,

Cooked thrice hand cut tteakhouse Chips

 Served up with

Green Peppercorn & Brandy Jus

Argentinian Style Chimichurri

Apple & Tarragon Ketchup

“The Butchers Club” Lager & Horseradish Mustard

The Feasts Ending

An explosively flavourful Chocolate Cake that isn’t what it seems

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Vegan Menu on request


Buy the Ticket, take the Ride!


In Other News


Partnering with Impossibleā„¢ Foods, The Veggie Club will debut three compelling plant-based burgers alongside a range of enticing sides.

A neat selection of classic-style vegetarian and vegan burgers, all featuring Impossible™ Foods’ patties, are also available.

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1st April 2021 - TBCB   Hong Kong

The Butchers Club Debuts New Plant-Based Burger Delivery Concept

Launching on 1 April 2021, The Veggie Club is a new and exciting initiative by renowned meat experts The Butchers Club. The famed beef specialists are turning their traditional model on its head in honour of Earth Month, with a compelling animal-free range of delivery-only plant-based burgers.

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1st April 2021 - TBCB   Hong Kong