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Vegetarian ‘Beef’ Burgers Launch at The Butchers Club Burger This May

The Beyond Burger is a Meat-Free and Alternative to Beef Burgers.

The Butchers Club Burger is proud to be The Beyond Burger’s exclusive burger restaurant partner in Hong Kong, and will launch the ground-breaking 100% vegan burger patty, that replicates the taste and texture of meat, on 5 May 2017 at all four The Butchers Club Burger outlets, including the lunch- and weekday- only burger store at The Secret Kitchen in Wong Chuk Hang.

The Butchers Club Burger’s Beyond Classic (HK$120)—a play on the Hong Kong burger brand’s original Michelin-listed dry-aged beef and bacon cheeseburger—combines the meatless patty, vegan cheddar, pickled beetroot crisp, tomato, dill pickle, and signature burger sauce made with vegan mayonnaise and caramelised onions. The impressive assembly is sandwiched between two perfectly grilled buns. A vegan re-creation of The Butchers Club Burger’s The Burger (HK$120), the meat-free adaptation stands up to its beefy counterpart in terms of taste, texture and satisfaction. 

Seven years in the making and conceived in Silicon Valley, The Beyond Burger is a remarkable scientific feat: The Beyond Burger patty looks and tastes just like premium ground beef and even boasts a higher protein content than typical beef mince.

The innovative product appeals to meat lovers and vegans alike — the delicious patty sizzles as it cooks and develops a mouth-watering crust, just like the real thing. Remaining pink on the inside, and oozing lip-smacking juices, The Beyond Burger has all of the satisfaction of a meaty burger, making for an authentic burger-eating experience with minimal environmental impact.

“The Butchers Club Burger is known for its focus on premium meat; we haven’t found many compelling vegetarian alternatives to a classic hamburger. The Beyond Burger is a game-changing product and we have no doubt that both our herbivore and meat-loving customers are going to be thrilled to have such a delicious, and convincing, vegetarian option available on our menu,” says The Butchers Club Founder Jonathan Glover.

“The Beyond Burger is a great alternative to beef. There’s a great deal of hype about this burger with numerous high profile people involved; Bill Gates to name one of many, and having worked with the product, I can see why so many great minds are rallying behind it. We’re excited to join them!”

"One of the most exciting things about The Beyond Burger launch in the U.S. is that this game-changing product is always placed in the meat aisle rather than the vegan food section. The vision of the company is to target the meat-eating crowd by giving them a cleaner, greener and tastier option. That's why here in Hong Kong, we are thrilled that The Butchers Club Burger will be the first burger restaurant partner to launch The Beyond Burger. We can't wait to see the reaction of die-hard burger fans when they discover this incredibly tasty burger is actually plant-based." says Co-Founder of Green Monday , David Yeung. 

Known as a pioneering regional burger concept, The Butchers Club Burger is proud to lead the way yet again with the launch of the Beyond Classic.


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