The Secret Kitchen   Hong Kong

Secret Kitchen Private Dining

The Secret Kitchen has is set within sprawling antique shop and has 6 different areas for Private Dining from a cosy 8 pax up to 100 pax in the downstairs area and up to 300  pax for a seated dinner on the rooftop.


Upto 20 guests can enjoy a private dinner in the Casino and enjoy a game of roulette or table football after the meal (no cash gambling allowed)

The Main Dining Room  has 2 huge oak tables, each weighing 800 kg and can seat 20 pesons each, the space overlooks the open kitchen  An ideal spot for a coporate get together for up to 40 pax

The corner of the Antique Shop is home to a huge collection of antique Louis Vuitton trunks. The vintage table can set upto 12 pax

The Balcony side of the space is home to 2 huge oak tables, each can seat up to 10 pax. The sliding doors can be fully  opened for a semi al fresco dining experience with a terrace.

The Private Dining Room can accommodate up to 16 pax and has room for a vintage bar, We can arrange a personal cocktail bartender for pre and after dinner drinks.


 The Main Floor can host up to 100 pax for a large yet still intimate private dinner. We may need to move some and store some of the antiques when clearing the space which will incur an additional cost.

The Secret Kitchen boasts one of the largest unobstructed rooftops of its kind in Hong Kong, we can host a sit down dinner with live food stations and stage for upto 300 pax. The marquee is an optional extra.

JoJo Leung is the Secret Kitchen Events Manager and is available via email or phone to discuss and customise your private dinner or events from a minimum of 10 - 400 pax

Telephone: 2884 0768


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The Butchers Club Beef Wellington Kit

The beef wellington kit includes everything you need to produce your own Beef Wellington Dinner for 2 at home

Kit comprises of:
400 grams of Black Angus Tenderloin Beef
Butter, garlic and thyme (from sealing beef)
Salt & Pepper

100 gram Short Crust Pastry
75 gram of Mushroom Duxelle
25 grams prosciutto
Egg wash
100 ml Green Peppercorn Sauce

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21st May 2018 - Hong Kong

How To Cook The Perfect Tenderloin Steak

Follow these simple instructions and you should be on your way  to cooking  a perfect Medium Rare Tenderloin

Purchase your 2x200 gram Black Angus Tenderloins  from the Butchers Club  Online Store.  Our Tenderloin steaks are marble score 3-4 and are from the Argyle Signature Collection

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14th May 2018 - Hong Kong