A Burger Takeover with Chef Yong-Soo Do from U-Hang

On Tuesday 12th May, Korean chef Yong-Soo Do will be at The Butchers Club Burger, Central for his round of A Burger Takeover, serving his K-Pop Burger!
6th May 2015 - TBCB   Past Events   Hong Kong

Nose-To-Tail Butchery Class

After years of being considered a dying art, nose-to-tail butchery has, in recent years been making a revival. Since more and more restaurants are making a conscious effort to be more environmentally aware, the concept of nose-to-tail butchery has, in effect, come back into fashion. And we at The Butchers Club can teach you the basic knife skills to practise this at home with our revamped Nose-To-Tail Butchery Class at The Secret Kitchen.

1st May 2015 - Past Events   Hong Kong