Dinner And A Show

Project Mayhem Dinner Menu

 “To be fully prepared for Project Mayhem, one must embrace the Project Mayhem diet. This may be the last meal you have.
So enjoy it”  T.Durden

27th September 2017 - The Secret Kitchen   Hong Kong


This is our premium range of beef from Australia, the Black Angus cattle is Grain-finished for 250+ days which gives the beef its amazing marbling. Many top chefs swear by Black Onyx and it is listed on top tables around the world. This Marble score 3-4 Black Angus beef is an amazing steak, The Butchers Club take it a step further and dry age it to make it even better, we think the best in Hong Kong!

20th September 2017 - The Secret Kitchen   Hong Kong

How to cook a perfect Medium Rare Bone in Steak in a pan

Learn how to cook a medium rare, dry aged on the bone ribeye or T-Bone in a pan with fresh Thyme, Butter and Garlic.  This steak is perfect to share with a loved one and is a great introduction to dry aged beef. 

18th September 2017 - The Secret Kitchen   Hong Kong


"An enjoyable, high-energy hit of dystopian underworld." LONDONIST 

“You can guarantee your night will be awesome.” COSMOPOLITAN UK

“One of the best shows in Hong Kong.”  HONG KONG EXPAT 

 “Amazing again! It’s a must try. Very unique.” HONG KONG MADAME                              


14th September 2017 - Hong Kong

Butchers Club Craft Beer Festival Saturday October 28

The festivities kick off on Saturday night with a Craft Beer Festival on the roof top of the Butchers Club Secret Kitchen in the up and coming uber-cool district of Wong Chuk Hang.  The Butchers Club is teaming up with 5 local breweries to bring you an intimate Craft Beer Festival .

6th September 2017 - The Secret Kitchen   Hong Kong

Butchers Club joins Glass Recycling Initiative

The Butchers Club  is  pleased to become part of the glass recycling program, “Green Glass Green” which is an initiative started by The Hong Kong Dumper Truck Drivers Association and funded by the Hong Kong Government’s Environment and Conservation Fund.

5th September 2017 - The Secret Kitchen   TBCB   Hong Kong

Sausage Class Winner!

We are pleased to announce the winning Sausage Recipe from Gigi Wong, her Thai inspired creation sounds so delicious that we will be making it during the next class on September 16th

5th September 2017 - Hong Kong

The Butchers Club Burger Launches Migration Week with Goose Island Craft Beer

From 11 September until 30 September, The Butchers Club Burger is extending its happy hour and inviting guests to enjoy $30 pints of Goose Island Craft beer from 5.00 -7.00 pm every day.

31st August 2017 - TBCB   Hong Kong